Product and Marketing Emphasis

Marketing Enhancements for Architectural, Contractor, Construction, Real Estate Images

Restoration of Antique, Heirloom and Vintage Images

Photographic Imaging Services


Contact for panic/emergency needs to see if we can fit your job in.

Complete range of services for improving images, including:

  • Scanning & retouching old/antique photographs:
    • Antique photo restoration
    • Professional heirloom vintage retouching & alteration
    • Repair of old-fashioned photographs using state-of-the-art Digital Scanning and Archival Giclee B&W printing techniques.
  • Architecture/Interior/Institutional photographs:
    • Converging verticals
    • Lens distortion
    • Image correction/manipulation
  • Scientific/Technical (including macro/close-up high-definition) photographs:
    • Real Estate
    • Buildings
    • Property
    • Portraits
    • Headshots
    • Marketing
    • Commercial
    • Catalogue
    • Brochure
    • Offset Print
    • Web
    • Media
    • Optimal preparation for each image process target technology
    • Rendering for (and optionally producing) Iris Giclee, C-print, Cone Archival B&W prints
    • Economy/budget treatments available (minimal retouching to attain desired level of improvement)
  • Emergency/Urgent/Panic turn-around time (if schedule allows) for a premium hourly fee - just the images or in combination with web editing or graphic design services for fast-turn-around 4-color offset & digital printing
  • We can process large files easily

Additional Services:

Most Common types of Photoshop Edits/Adjustments


before and after of recent client-supplied images

(Copyrights retained by original photographers)


You can view the before and after  -  see the results of the Photoshop corrections.
     ("Before" images are the original image sent to us by the client.)

BEFORE:  Move your mouse completely away from the picture.
AFTER:  Move your mouse over the picture. ("hover" - do not click)


Portrait/CD Album Cover
(needed specific re-arrangement of image components);
Add punch for ambience

re-arrange, fill in

Antique drawing restoration
; extend sky

removal of stains/colorcast, restoration, extend sky to fit the usage need (CD cover) aspect ratio

Portrait repair (due to digital camera overexposure)

Antique portrait restoration

patch, tonal balance

Add logos to product image

composite logos, tonal balance, punch

Isolate for "product" view; fix converging verticals
extract image from environs

Architecural/Contractor speed-completion of house nearly finished,
for real estate advertising brochure
(stitched from supplied panoramic segments)

extract, patch image (sky, grass, house), tonal balance

Manufacturing process "visual focus" enhancement
tonal balancing, punch

Artist/Gallery removal of framing glass glare (originally you see the photographer)

remove glare, contrast adjustments

Enhance "intent" of stock photo image for marketing brochure

Product photo enhancement (photo taken casually in situ)
remove glare, add punch to show off product

Real Estate enhancement

contrast, sky enhancement, feathered border (used on a black background like this one)

Artwork/Gallery - wall background elimination
eliminate background, expand image area from original casual snapshot

- extract sculpture from a casual photo taken in situ
extract from background, add drop shadow as if it were taken in a studio

Portrait Antique Photo Restoration
patch, tonal balance

- sculpture enhancement from casual snapshot
artwork extracted

Architecural/Real-Estate/Contractor/Construction, from a casual snapshot
eliminate background objects

Product Photo Touch-up, from casual snapshot
background extraction, punch, eliminate glare

Landscape/Gardens/Real Estate
Garden photo marketing enhancement from casual snapshot

patch, tonal adjustment, visual focus for marketing appeal

Product (in situ)
tonal balance, converging verticals, contrast

Real Estate/architecture/hotel
to enhance marketing appeal
crop, viewer focus, converging verticals, tonal balance

Artwork/Gallery - spotlight effect equalized, image punch
tonal balance, contrast

Artwork Sculpture with glare and shadows

tonal balance, contrast

Artwork ceramic sculpture
with background and stand holder
tonal balance, contrast

Neon artwork sculpture

tonal balance, contrast

Electronic Plasma Sculpture Artwork
with hands
tonal balance, contrast

Ceramic Artwork with glare

tonal balance, contrast

Group Snapshot, needed for professional brochure

tonal balance, contrast

Old Product Packaging

tonal balance, contrast

Landscape Improvements
tonal balance, contrast

Artwork Sculpture with glare

tonal balance, contrast

Jewelry Artwork

tonal balance, contrast

Jewelry Artwork

tonal balance, contrast

Mosaic Architectural Floor Design
tonal balance, contrast